Rothco tells Ireland’s Ancient East story

Failte Ireland Ancient East by Rothco

After the marketing success of the Wild Atlantic Way, Fáilte Ireland has launched a campaign for the country’s Ancient East attraction. Fáilte Ireland’s Noel-John McLoughlin says the challenge with Ancient East is that Irish people believe they already know all that the region has to offer. So how do you influence people on something they think they already know?

Ancient East’s charm rests on its new found gems and stories. People can make repeated visits and learn something amazing each time. Like the fact that the bones of St Nicholas are buried on a farm in Kilkenny. Both the oldest and youngest soldiers to die in World War I were from Waterford. Or, that the oldest working lighthouse in the world is located in Wexford.

Consequently, Rothco came up with the line ‘ Great stories stay with you forever’.

The agency created a 60-second TV ad called ‘Bedtime Stories’ about a little boy who can’t get to sleep. His dad starts to tell him stories from a big orange book and he’s transported to the Ancient East landscapes. The Rothco team included executive director Alan Kelly, copywriter Shane O’Brien, art director Stephen Rogers and producer Mags Levingstone.

Mindshare, In the Company of Huskies and The Reputations Agency all collaborated too.

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