Sherpa goes virtual with Irish celebrities

Events agency Sherpa has launched the Irish Icons creative product. The creation of event management professional Brian Gormally (pictured) of Sherpa Events, Irish Icons will bring some famous Irish names to business live to staff or clients. With Covid-19, virtual events have become a mainstay in trying to keeping team and employee morale high.

When lockdown happened, Gormally looked at the products that work for Sherpa’s corporate client base. While they specialised in providing some of Ireland’s top employers with events in recent years, they saw the gap in the market for higher quality corporate events delivered virtually. It was from coming up with new event ideas that Irish Icons was hatched.

Gormally says that Irish Icons is a bespoke event specially curated to the client company’s request. It could be a departmental book club with a well-known Irish author or a company fireside chat with a top sports personality. The events are interactive, no pre-records all totally live with the audience able to ask guests any questions that come to mind.

It so happens that on March 12, Gormally was in the final planning stages as technical production co-ordinator for the St Patrick’s Day Festival. He was organising shows with Annie Mac and Lisa Hannigan. That was the day everything came to a grinding halt and Gormally’s first experience of transitioning a live event into virtual work kicked off.

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