SMS top mobile channel for in-store promos

Despite there being more sophisticated ways to interact with brands, for most shoppers, SMS remains the preferred mobile channel for entering in-store competitions, the latest Return2Sender survey on mobile marketing trends indicates. The B&A study shows that while shoppers aged 25-35 are heavy social media users, they still use SMS most often.

Return2Sender’s Donald Douglas (above) says shoppers like SMS for its ease of use in-store. For brands, SMS is seen as being quick and easy to set up and manage, accountable and in-expensive to run. The research confirmed that competitions are efficient at intercepting and engaging shoppers, with 72 per cent of respondents entering competitions in-store.

Although SMS remains a safe bet for brands, there is still un-tapped potential for brands targeting younger shoppers to explore other technologies like messaging apps, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, RCS, NFC and also augmented reality (AR). These technologies have a big role to play in terms of category differentiation and strengthening brand image.

The research also reveals:

  • 62% of all respondents claim to enter in-store promotions
  • Those who enter in-store competitions are predominantly female and in the under 50 age group.
  • Texting into competitions is the number one preference for entering in-store competitions
  • Entering by placing written entry into a competition box is the surprising second placed preference in second place
  • Entering by Facebook was the third most favoured means of entry
  • Females are more likely than male shoppers to enter in-store promotions
  • Location of Shoppers
  • Entering via Instagram and Snapchat were only the 8thand 9thplaced preference
  • Age divide exists however as younger consumers (25-34s) claim highest preference for entering in store competitions by texting via mobile phone, while those aged 50+ show a preference for posting entry in a competition box in-store.

Douglas founded Return2Sender in 2001. It specialises in app development and marketing and in deploying mobile promotions at scale using its the M-Promote platform. Clients include Diageo, Bank of Ireland, Coca-Cola Hellenic, Guns or Knives, Goosebump, Vodafone Ireland, Cavan County Council, Tallaght Hospital and The Doyle Collection.

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