TAM unveils tool for measuring across devices

The newly-launched TAM Vision sets out to measure viewing across all devices by 2017. Jill McGrath says the objective is ambitious and is on a par with TV measurement globally. The pilot means TAM moving in several directions at once, including the development of tagging to identity content across all platforms and return path data fusion with the panel.

Television Audience Measurement (TAM) Ireland launched a plan for monitoring viewing across all devices – TV, laptop/PC, tablet and smartphone at a conference for advertisers and agencies in the Aviva Stadium. TAM will deliver the Video Integration Strategy for a Total Audience – or Vista for short – across four stages, TAM chief executive Jill McGrath said.

McGrath, pictured, said the existing panel of 1,050 homes which Nielsen measures will continue to be used for measuring viewing to TV sets. A project is underway fusing existing datasets to provide the industry with an interim planning tool that augments the TAM data. Each broadcaster already has big data on the content being viewed on what device.

“However, it’s measured by multiple providers and  does not measure viewing in the same way that TAM Ireland do,” McGrath added. “They are exploring ways to provide a common metric comparable with TV ratings but based on streaming consumption. To deliver measurement, they must fuse demographic level data with the device-based census data.”

TAM will monitor the tools used in other markets before deciding on the best approach for the Irish market. In the latest Total Viewing Study (TVS) by Ipsos MRBI for TAM Ireland, TV was found to be by far the most popular video form. Live TV still accounts for 72 per cent of all video content viewed. When recorded TV is included, the figure rises to 84 per cent.

TAM Ireland members comprise broadcasters RTÉ, TV3, TG4, Channel 4, Sky, UTV Ireland, Viacom and Eir Sport, along with Ireland’s main media buying agencies. Chaired by agency veteran and author Brian Jacobs, TAM’s Switched On conference speakers included Aislinn O’Connor, Three Ireland, Ian McShane, Behaviour & Attitudes and Paul Loughrey, RTE.

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