TV spend up 5% last year, TAM reports

Jill McGrath, TAM

The total advertising spend on TV last year came to €217,561,131, which is a 30 per cent share of the estimated €750 million total spend advertising spend in the Republic, TAM Ireland reports. It is thought that total advertising revenues increased by four points last year. The figures by KPMG for TAM include spot, sponsorship, product placement and AFP revenue.

Most Irish adults viewed an average of three hours 28 mins every day in 2014, with 91 per cent of viewing live broadcast TV and nine per cent time-shifted. Irish adults saw an average of 37 ads on TV everyday, TAM Ireland’s chief executive Jill McGrath added.

TAM Ireland oversees the audience measurement system for the whole of the television advertising industry. TAM Ireland is made up of most commercial broadcasters operating in Ireland, namely RTÉ, TV3, TG4, Channel 4, BSKYB Ireland, UTV Ireland, Viacom and Setanta Ireland – and the main media buying agencies based in Ireland.

TAM commissions Nielsen TV Audience Measurement to carry out the measurement service.


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