TV watched 24 hours a week

Jill McGrath, TAM

The average Irish adult watches almost three and a half hours of television a day, or over 24 hours a week, viewing figures for last year released by TAM Ireland/Nielsen figures show. The viewing of live scheduled shows accounts for 91 per cent of TV time and just nine per cent is time-shifted with recordings on a personal video recorder (PVR) like Sky+, UPC+, VCR or DVD. Housekeepers watched in excess of four hours of TV a day.

Some 54 per cent of all TV homes in Ireland now have a PVR – namely a Sky+ or UPC+ box – and the increased choice and flexibility it provides is making TV more popular. The study showed 3.08 million people in Ireland watch TV daily, including 1.29m people under 35, TAM director Jill McGrath (above) said.

The average Irish adult viewer watched 39 ads every day during 2013 with the biggest advertisers being Procter and Gamble and Unilever. The highest rating show of 2013 was The Late Late Toy Show followed by Love/Hate. Home produced programmes continue to dominate the ratings chart across all channels.

TAM Ireland also commissioned Ipsos MRBI to survey viewing on other devices in late 2012 and found that people spent 89 per cent of their total viewing time with their TV and 11 per cent on other devices.

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